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    Welcome to Stomed!

    Professionalism, a sense of security, trust. These are the values ​​that are most important to us in contact with our patient.


    In our work, we are supporters of holistic medicine, which treats the human being as a whole – we look through the prism of health as the supreme value. We try to help patients in accordance with the highest standards – we are constantly educating and expanding our offer to be able to help in accordance with the principle of mini-max: minimum interference – maximum effect.


    Munchee is a small smart device developed to bring back normal functioning of the oral cavity. Short and simple daily excercises with Munchee help to build up correct tension of the lips muscles, set up proper tongue position while swallowing, effectively support building correct nose breathing habits. Thanks to its unique design and choice of safe material, it also ensures and supports oral hygene. Recommended for patients at any age. A must-have when getting rid of the pacifiers. Since 2021, Dr. Karczewska has become a certified Munchee specialist, supporting each patient with bringing out all the potential of chewing Munchee.

    Functional dentistry

    Problems with sleep, headaches or neckaches are unlikely to be associated with the need to visit a dentist – but it is also our responsibility. Headaches and neckaches are related to the dysfunction of the temporomandibular joints. Sleep problems or sleep apnea are also the consequences of a malocclusion. Our team knows that treatment by a dental physiotherapist, prosthetics or orthodontics can help in this type of problems.


    In 2017, we introduced orthodontic treatment to our offer, because nowadays, due to the cultural change to a soft diet, our masticatory organ does not develop properly. Therefore, supporting traditional treatment with orthodontic and physiotherapeutic procedures is now a necessity. Both in children and adults.


    Our root canal treatment is of the highest standard. We use a surgical microscope, which, thanks to its 10x magnification, allows us to perform this perfect treatment. This is the only way to effectively remove bacteria from a dead tooth.

    Children's dentistry

    Thanks to nitrous oxide treatments, children learn with the procedures and perceive a visit to the dentist’s office as something natural. We not only treat sick teeth, but also help maintain healthy milk teeth. We pay parents’ attention to breathing, and thanks to treatments in the field of functional dentistry, we set the correct path for the development of children’s teeth.


    By caries prophylaxis, we mean a set of professional activities carried out at home by the patient himself (after appropriate instructions in the office), aimed at preventing the occurrence of caries.

    Meet our staff

    We are a well-coordinated team of specialists who will take care of your comfort and safety with care and commitment.

    Małgorzata Karczewska

    1st degree specialist in general dentistry
    Work experience 34 years

    Barbara Głowacka

    Dental assistant
    work experience 27 years

    Dorota Hek

    Dental hygienist
    work experience 11 years

    Regina Gawrych

    Medical secretary and recorder
    work experience of 14 years

    Małgorzata Serwus

    Cleaning lady
    work experience 11 years

    You can also make an appointment with:


    Magdalena Banaszek-Mućka, a medical doctor

    Internal medicine specialist, specialist in rheumatology, ultrasound of joints, capillaroscopy
    Dates of visits: Mondays 16-18.


    Prof. dr hab. med.Katarzyna Pawlak-Osińska

    Otolaryngologist, specialist audiologist and phoniatrist
    Dates of visits: Fridays 18.-20.


    Jacek Mućka, a medical doctor

    Internal medicine specialist, specialist in allergy, ultrasound
    Dates of visits: Wednesdays 15-20.


    Jan Karczewski, MA in Physiotherapy

    Orthopedic manual therapy
    To make an appointment, please contact:
    609 719 555

    Meet the Stomed

    We have been welcoming at Pocztowa Street since 2007. Our clinic has three offices, including two dentists. We maintain high standards of treatment and we try to make the company’s appearance reflect this.

    Adapted building

    We made sure that people with disabilities could freely move around our company.

    Air-conditioned premises

    For common comfort, we have air conditioning installed in our offices and waiting rooms.

    Parking lot

    There is a public car park on the other side of the intersection.

    Payment by card

    We make card payments possible. In the current situation, we encourage you to do so.

    Contact us!

    We encourage you to make an appointment over the phone.
    After completing the form, we will call you!

    NZOZ Stomed
    ul. Pocztowa 17
    89-100 Nakło nad Notecią

    Phone: 52 385 38 41

    Cabinet opening hours

    Monday 9-16
    Tuesday 13-20
    Wednesday 9-15
    Thursday 9-16
    Friday 9-15

    Dates of admission of individual doctors:

    Magdalena Banaszek-Mućka – Mondays 16-18.
    Katarzyna Pawlak-Osińska – Fridays 18-20.
    Jacek Mućka – Wednesdays 15-20.
    Jan Karczewski – please contact us at 609 719 555